Article Leads

Article Leads

One of the most important indicators a social marketer can track on Facebook is the conversion rate. A conversion occurs when a person interacts with an ad you post and then performs an action beneficial to your business. It can also be viewed as the point where the user decides to switch from a normal browser to a customer.

This can apply to an online purchase or even a call to your business. And the potential for a high number of conversions is vast considering that Facebook boasts over 650 million visitors per day.

For most marketers, the conversion is a top priority. A good conversion rate is an indicator of success. Remember, though, that the conversion is not always associated with purchases and actions of the driver. The goal of the campaign may be to increase the subscription to the weekly newsletter or to encourage customers to add more products to their wish list.

Luckily for businesses, Facebook is one of the best conversion platforms. In this section, you'll learn how to increase conversion and further benefit your business or brand.

Define a conversion event

Before you think about conversions, you must first decide what action people should take after viewing the ad. The different types of conversions that Facebook supports include viewing content, adding products to their wish list, starting the order, and purchasing. You can even create your conversion events if you have a specific goal. You cannot expect an ad to reach all your conversion goals, so you will have to create different ads to achieve different goals.

Do not forget the goal

There is a direct connection between the ad and the landing page, or the page or the website the link in the ad redirects the users to. The ad is only as good as the landing page. When you choose a location to convert, you need to make sure everything is ready and the ad delivers as promised.

There are a number of things you should consider when preparing your landing page. You must implement pixels (a code from Facebook that allows you to track conversion data) if you want to track an event. After you've determined the landing page, you'll need to add the Facebook Pixel code to track the event.

There must also be continuity between the ad and the landing page. For example, if an ad is for shoes and a landing page redirects a customer to a page about apparel, then the ad doesn’t serve its purpose.

Today, many people do online shopping on their smartphones, so it makes sense to send traffic to your application. Therefore, you must optimize the application to increase the conversion rate.


You must use attractive visual effects to attract your potential customers. The user’s first impression of your company or brand is the design that they see, so you can think of the visual the users see as being similar to the way you would greet someone by shaking their hand when you first meet.

There are a few things you should consider when designing visual elements for advertising. You need to make sure that you do not clutter the images along with the text. A good idea is to save text on pictures. When you fill an ad with images and text, it looks chaotic, and there is a chance a potential customer will scroll through the ad.

Visual elements should also have a high resolution because all low-resolution visual elements give a bad image of your brand. Moving pictures are better than static pictures, so try using a GIF, or moving image, whenever possible.

Short and sweet

If the ad contains too much content, the conversion rate is very low, so you have to make a short and simple copy. Try to use personal pronouns (like us or we) to establish a relationship between the audience and the business. Avoid jargon and keep it short. A short text looks attractive, and too much text can be quite overwhelming.

Call to action

Conversion is the motivation to act. Therefore, you must insert a call to action in the ad. A good example would be: List your company in the Free UK Business Directory. You can use active verbs such as start, search, explore, or even detect to increase your conversion rate. If you'd like to increase the number of purchases or subscriptions, you can use expressions like “buy now” or “register now.”

Target group

When creating an ad, you must select a group you want to target. If you select this, Facebook will help you find more users with similar interests. This will allow you to further expand your audience and reach more people. The bigger your audience, the higher your conversion rate.

Optimize for conversions

By now, you have learned different strategies for optimizing or increasing your conversions. However, another option is to enable the "Conversion" checkbox on Facebook. Go to the "Budget and Schedule" form → "Delivery Optimization" section → and tick "Conversions."

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