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YouTube Optimization

We will talk about YouTube later, but in general, YouTube is considered to be the second most popular search engine according to the New York Times. If you are spending money creating video content and ads on YouTube, it's important to spend efficiently by maximizing your organic standing. This deliverable is typically comprised of a list of your videos and suggested changes to the title, description, YouTube tags, and hashtags of each video to help improve rankings and traffic to your website from Google.

Reputation Management

We will walk through this in detail later, but making sure you have positive rankings on your brand search results (at least the first page) is extremely important from a brand image or trust point of view. If you are facing negative press or a controversy or negative rankings, this deliverable will provide suggestions to help offset negative rankings and content on the Web that is ranking in search results.

App Store Optimization

We will discuss this more thoroughly later, but many brands have their own smartphone app these days. There are tactics that can be done to improve your ranking on app stores and if and how they are being pulled into Google's general search rankings. This analysis provides feedback on what, if anything, you can improve or fix to help boost rankings across channels.

Social Media Optimization

Depending on the social media channels you are on, a quick run-through of how they rank and how you rank for searches on Google or on those channels should be conducted. Most of them are difficult to affect, but there may be some basic modifications to your presence and programs on them that an SEO expert can identify to improve your ranking (e.g., using the right hashtags, etc.).

The list of deliverables is constantly evolving. It's important to keep tabs on new technologies and how they can help. Whether you are trying to do SEO yourself or have enlisted an SEO expert team for help, these are the kinds of deliverables and actions you need today to move the performance needle in the way of SEO.