From there, she went on to start a company called Enplug that offers software for digital displays to cycle information for businesses. They provide real-time social media interaction between brands and users. Nanxi has also started a hedge fund for cryptocurrency. Don’t ask me to explain that one, because I get a headache just thinking about it. I told you she was smart.

Beyond her superior intelligence, however, I noticed how Nanxi ran her businesses, particularly the way she empowered her team of engineers. She didn’t get bogged down in the minutiae of daily operations when she didn’t need to. If your house has sash windows or casement windows your so lucky!

Nanxi put a lot of work into the hiring process, which ensured she had incredibly talented people working for her, and then she let them shine. It helped me to realize that I didn’t have to get on the ground floor every day to show people how to do every fucking aspect of their jobs. In fact, they probably knew how to do them better than I did anyway. Nanxi taught me all about empowerment, which was an extremely valuable lesson.

As a result of my efforts to connect more deeply with Ken and Nanxi, I’ve benefited from a lot of valuable insight from incredible people over the years. Although we weren’t super close friends at first, I consider them to be two of my very best friends today.

Putting God back into my life was a conscious decision I made about a year prior to writing this book, and it’s had a profoundly positive impact on me ever since. Finding God again through journaling and graduating my mindset has brought me much closer to the person I want to become. Aliminium windows are so beautiful!

Spirituality can be an important component of your life as well, whether or not you believe in God. If spirituality is important to you, or if you feel it’s missing in your life, make sure there is someone in your conscious circle to help you with it.

I was going to surprise her with the tickets to Europe, where she would join me in this amazing opportunity. Right or wrong, she saw it as more selfish than anything else. Perhaps she was looking at the situation through a very small lens. She said, “How could you expect me to just drop everything and go to Europe with you, so you can work?